Heal Through Play Therapy

Connects With Children in Their World

Child Centred Play Therapy is a form of therapy used primarily for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

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Heal Through Play

So What is Heal Through Play?

We offer play therapy as a way to work with children, who may not be able to process their own emotions or verbally communicate their problems to their caregivers.

Play can be the child’s natural language and the use of toys can be their words.

At Heal Through Play, Sara, your Play Therapist enters the child’s world and experience, as fully as possible, following the child’s lead whilst developing a relationship of safety and trust.

How Play Therapy Works

Children learn to understand the world and their place in it through play. It’s where they’re free to act out their feelings and deepest emotions.

Toys can act as symbols and take on greater meaning — if you know what to look for.
Since the child can’t adequately express themselves in the adult world, the therapist joins the child in their world, on their level.

How Can It Help?


Trauma in children is an unexpected, distressing and life changing event
…read more


Play Therapy can resolve some core difficulties in children that display ADD,  ADHD and ASD …read more

Grief and Loss

Play provides a safe place where children can express their feelings of grief and loss …read more

Learning Disabilities

Play can assist children living with a disability better strengthen their own social relationships …read more

What Happens in Play Therapy?

Each child is able to choose toys and games as they see fit.
They’re free to play in their own way with few instructions or interruptions.
Sara, your therapist will observe closely and participate as appropriate.

About Sara

I am passionate about helping children through communication and play, explore their lives and freely express thoughts and emotions.

Through Play Therapy I help children to cope with and overcome trauma, anxiety, depression, and other inevitable challenges that life presents.

"Children need at least one person in their life who thinks the sun rises and sets on them, someone who delights in their existence and loves them unconditionally." Pamela Leo

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood,”
Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers.

Play is so important ...especially through these uncertain times it allows for children to express their feelings, concerns, and worries.

Another big day in the playroom... and where do I find Boris .... on the couch sleeping on the job ….